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Occasions where new-romantic hedonists meet British wedding goers and all the in-betweens.

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For the spring-summer collections for men and women, come and celebrate summer ceremonies, gatherings of all sorts and the jubilation of rituals. Her better half, Sugi, on the other hand, is the owner of a shipping company in Jakarta. Didiet Tachril The charming Didiet Tachril is the chairwoman of Kartini Berbagi, an organisation that regularly holds charity events to raise funds for street children and build religious facilities.

The party seeking indemnification shall promptly notify the other party of such claims. Selain dari pemotongan gambar cropping untuk tujuan estetis atau menyesuaikan dengan format cetak, gambar-gambar tidak boleh diubah samasekali, baik secara manual maupun elektronis, tanpa adanya persetujuan tertulis dari licensor.

The oscillating weight is skeletonised, revealing the mechanism beneath. Veronica Pribadi Veronica is a consistent figure under the limelight of Jakarta's socialite scene.

Sherly Worth Socialite Sherly Worth is a mother of three beautiful children and has always been a lady of fashion.

Licensor memberi hak pada licensee untuk menggunakan gambar-gambar dalam proses penjualan dan produksi untuk tujuan seperti yang ditetapkan dalam faktur.

Other opening times are: But the scheme failed when didiet tachril business old friend tagged her in an untouched group photo.

Cult Gaia reworked traditional motifs of elegance. Licensee will immediately notify Licensor if it becomes aware or suspects that any third party is wrongfully using any of Images in whole or in part, or is violating any of Licensor's intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, trademarks and copyrights.

Designs include an Ivory asymmetrical silk knit dress with open neck, laddered ruffle trims and lacing details. The Roman house is most known for its use of fur, ever the focal point of a collection.

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An artist in nature, Putri is fond of writing, painting, and reading. By giving the timepiece back its primary function, H. Present in nature: She first gained her popularity through a programme called Abang None. With the brand already available in more than outlets in more than 20 countries it is well established international diamond brand.

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Maudy Koesnaedi Maudy is a prominent figure in Jakarta's entertainment industry. Being partners of The De Beers Group of Companies and particularly carrying the license of their diamond brand, signifies the mirroring values of both companies and the trust and confidence Forevermark has put in PT Central Mega Kencana.

Indemnified party shall have the right to participate in such litigation, at its expense, through counsel selected by indemnified party.

Peter B Stok, C Heru Budiargo dan V Catherinawati Hadiman

In turn, colors fade across the light surface of dresses and skirts worn under large coats and jackets that protect the bodies upon exiting the theater. No ownership or copyright in the Image shall be transferred to Licensee.

Utilitarian romance abounds in a mineral palette of sage, cognac, burgundy, tangerine, optic white, denim, and sand. Licensor memberikan hak pada licensee untuk memiliki gambar-gambar yang direproduksi, sejauh yang disebutkan dalam faktur.

Maturity and self-confidence are needed both to create, but also to wear, such an understated model. Semua rujukan yang mengacu pada perjanjian ini harus pula menyertakan faktur sebagai suatu bagian dengan Perjanjian.

In addition to his successful career in Indonesia, Lal also has a vision of expanding his brands into The United States. The perfect marriage of fashion and functionality.

Pihak yang digantirugi memiliki hak untuk berpartisipasi dalam pengadilan, dengan biaya sendiri, melalui penasihat hukum yang terpilih.

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Heirlooms and keepsakes connect the threads between generations. The crowns and some of the caseband, for instance, take the shape of a particular treat, such as a cupcake or gelato. The unique inscription is an assurance that every Forevermark diamond meets the exceptional standards of beauty, rarity and is responsibly sourced.

Clothing embedded with memories and meaning. Also check out: Ketentuan dalam Faktur merupakan satu kesatuan dengan Perjanjian dan dijadikan rujukan utama, serta bersama dengan perjanjian ini mengatur seluruh syarat dan ketentuan persetujuan antara licensor dengan licensee yang menyangkut materi yang dilisensikan.

Except as provided herein, Licensee shall have no right to assign this Agreement, in whole or part, or any of the rights granted hereunder. At indemnifying party's option, indemnifying party may assume the handling, settlement or defense of any claim or litigation, in which event indemnified party shall cooperate in the defense thereof.

Licensee memberikan hak berikut lisensi non-eksklusif yang bebas royalty secara terus menerus pada licensor untuk menggunakan elemen-elemen final hanya untuk keperluan promosi TEMPO atau cabang-cabangnya.Didiet Tachril’s Glorious Birthday Bash.

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Mar 16, / Residence Onfive / Ello Suhaeli Kalla, Miana Sudwikatmono, Hana Suwandi, Solida Ramli and Petty Siahaan Hilda Ruscono, Ike Bakrie and Ade K Syarfuan Yani Arifin and Ted Sulisto Christina Maria Adang Ginanjar and Miranti Serad Ginanjar Chiko Bice and Roger Bice Ine Hakim Tohir, Nato Tohir.

8/17/ · Proposal socialita gathering event september and november 1. Venue: Ballroom hotel SARI PAN PACIFIC Jakarta NOVEMBER – Description Description: Presiden Direktur (Presdir) Bank Niaga, Peter B Stok (tengah) didampingi Direktur Bank Niaga, C Heru Budiargo (kiri) dan V Catherinawati Hadiman (kanan) ketika menjawab pertanyaan wartawan pada acara paparan publik Bank Niaga Tbk di Wisma Bank Niaga, Jakarta, 20 Desember 11/22/ · Alof Jakarta Wahid HasyimALOFT HOTELS HITS A HIGH NOTE WITH FIRST HOTEL IN INDONESIA, ALOFT JAKARTA WAHID HASYIM Marriott International announced the opening of the Aloft Jakarta Wahid Hasyim, the first Aloft to open in Indonesia.

With its sassy modern style and tech-forward experiences, Aloft Wahid Hasyim brings the brand’s passion for live music, vibrant [ ]. 30 Most Invited. We've rounded up 30 of Indonesia's most invited and those under the limelight. From glamorous A-Listers to art connoisseurs, and to our socialite darlings, these movers and shakers deserve to be awarded our most-invited achievement badge.

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